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About Only Home


Only Home specialise in exclusive contemporary furniture, homewares, artwork and soft furnishings to create your Only Home. We supply a vast array of contemporary designer furniture to suit all taste in woods, metals and plastics with colours to compliment any palate. 

Here at Only Home we search far and wide to find fantastic products to make any house Your Only Home! From exquisite Scarlet & Argent throws and blankets to cool vintage style furniture our aim is to create a range, exclusively 'Only Home', to excite and delight all budding home-makers navigating the home furnishings available in the world. Our aim is to create a curated collection of home furnishings which truly compliment one another.

So if you've just had your first child and are looking to treat yourself we have just the products for you. If you're a city slicker in your studio apartment then we have epic contemporary furniture and accessories just for you. If you're a traditionalist as Pete our FD seems to be, then we have furnishings to make an amazingly cosy Home. If you can't find what you're looking for, we'll scour high and low until we find it for you.

So please get in touch with us on 0330 022 3511 for any help or advice or browse the site to discover your next piece to add to what we're sure is fast becoming Your Only Home. 

About Us


We've worked hard to bring you incredible products that can inspire you to create Your Only Home (and to be the envy of all your friends of course!). By giving you a complete range of complimentary products, from chairs to clocks and for any room of your home, we hope that everyone can find something truly amazing for them here at Only Home.

If we don't have something you think we should, please tell us! Don't be shy, we're a family run business desperate to help anyone like you who is searching for a way to make their home's as unique as they are. It's a tall order, we know, but we thought we'd take on the challenge! So get in touch with questions, tell us where we are missing a product, like us on Facebook (you never know there may be a cheeky discount dropping on there on occasion) and let us know how your home making projects are going (please send us pics and we'll upload them). Oh, and if you're that way inclined, feel free to Tweet to us too!

In short, we specialise in exclusive contemporary furniture, homewares, artwork and soft furnishings allowing you to Discover Your Only Home.


Our Products at Only Home


This is a great question and one we have thought time and time again about the answer. Here are a few thoughts we've come up with but over time we suspect that we can add even more reasons.

If you have a particular reason you would like to choose us and we haven't listed it, please do ask usbefore going elsewhere as we're confident that we have probably just missed it off this list!

In no particular order (because everyone has a 'most important' reason...

  • We're proud to be British, geared up to support British brands where we can (such as Scarlet & Argent).
  • We're a family run business here to support customers get just the right look and feel for their homes.
  • We pride ourselves on having as wide a range of products as we can so we have 'something for everyone'. If you don't find something, we'll find it for you.
  • We tip our hat towards quality. Pricing is a second thought but one we know our customers value, so we feel Only Home is very competitive.
  • Our delivery is as quick as we can make it. Please bear in mind that products we stock vary quite massively from small parcels to massive pallets, so this will affect which courier is used and how long products take. The wait will be worth it though!
  • We have dedicated and rapid online support and aim to grow this in time. We do want to offer you the best prices for these amazing products so have made the decision to keep our costs down and stick with customer contact forms, social media and eventually online chat for you to get in touch with us.
  • Our senior team here at Only Home has over 10 years combined experience in the furniture world. It's a weird and wonderful place with some companies doing amazing things and pushing the boundaries - we hope we do this too and you are as delighted with your purchase as we are to provide them for you.
  • Finally, we have a snazzy saying we like to think encompasses us and how we can help you and all our visitors and customers to.... "Discover Your Only Home"