Affordable Bedroom Refresh Tips

A bedroom should be a sanctuary. A place to unwind, relax and unload the troubles of the day, before sinking into a peaceful night’s sleep. Why then, do so many of us neglect this space? After all we spend an average of 4 months of the year asleep in bed, so it’s important we get it just right. Here are a few easy ways that you can improve your bedroom environment and create the sanctuary you deserve... Lighting Creating the perfect ambience is key to a relaxing bedroom and lighting... Read More


5 Stylish Lights Under £65

Pendant lights offer not only the practicality of illuminating your space, but they can also be used to ‘zone’ certain areas of your home and add a touch of style in the process. Whether your home is country cottage, minimalistic chic or full of rustic charm, here is a round up of our favourite ‘Only Home’ pendant lights (for under £65!) that are bound to shine the spotlight on your space. Native Lifestyle Pendant Light - £48.45 This sleek little number is perfect for the minimalists amongst you. The touch... Read More


Easy Outdoor Changes to Consider During Self-Isolation

We may be stuck at home at the moment, but those of us who are fortunate enough to have a garden or an outdoor area, no matter how big or small, have never been more grateful. We’ve been blessed with some lovely sunshine so far this spring, and as the British weather can be very ‘up and down’, we’re committed to appreciating every second of it while it lasts! So, here are a few things you can do, whilst self-isolating, which will help to make your outdoor space that little... Read More


Creating The Perfect Home Office

While we’re all being encouraged to stay safely in our homes and not to head to the office, sadly it doesn’t mean that we all get an extended holiday! Lots of us are finding ourselves working from home and with the perils of home life getting in the way, it’s not always easy to get as much work done as we want to. That’s why it’s super important to set up a work space where we can ‘switch off’ from our surroundings, somewhere we can remain productive and inspired. Read... Read More

2019 colour trends 09/05/2020

Tips For Decorating With Colour

Choosing colours for your home is always a daunting task. When there are endless options for products with  finishes, colours and shades, it can all become a little baffling. But we’re here to help you through the first hurdle, giving you a few pointers on colour choices and how they can affect your home and wellbeing. Blue  Blue is a peaceful colour, making it the ideal choice for a living room or a bedroom. There are many shades of blue which are often associated with relaxing scenes such as a... Read More


Kitchenware Essentials Under £30

Whilst we're all stuck at home with a little extra time on our hands, why not get creative in the kitchen? It seems the perfect opportunity to ditch the weekly 'spag bol' for something a little more exotic and work on our culinary skills. Here are a few Only Home kitchenware essentials which will help you become a masterchef, without breaking the bank… 'Scottish Made' Chopping Boards – From £21.00 Our 'Scottish Made' chopping boards are not only practical, but stylish too. Each one is made from Scottish Oak and... Read More


Easy Ways To Make Your Home Brighter

Ever taken a photo of your space and no matter how many interior design rules you’ve followed, it just doesn’t look like those bright, airy apartments you see all over Instagram? Well,  the key to an instagram worthy picture is light. However, not all of us are blessed with it in the home. Sometimes, our rooms can just seem dark and dingy compared to the photos we pine over on our favourite blogs. Did you know as well that lighter spaces have endless positive impacts on our wellbeing such as... Read More