November 2017

metallic homeware 25/11/2017

Our Favourite Items With Metallic Touches

  In your interior scheme, there should always be some sort of metallic touch that prevails throughout the room. Be it copper, brass or chrome etc, you’ll notice these small metal touches appear on almost all everyday items from door handles, to candle holders, to light switches, furniture legs and more. So our advice is to pick your favourite and ensure good use of it around the room in order for the room to flow better. In this post, we’ll be showing you our favourite Only Home products with a... Read More

interior tips 19/11/2017

3 Interior Refresh Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Considering that we spend at least one third of our lives asleep, it’s important to create the ideal environment for us to have a deep, relaxing sleep. We all know sleep is crucial to our wellbeing, be it in terms of mental health or physical heath, so why not help yourself get the perfect night sleep by following some simple interior hacks? This post will offer 3 top tips that are simple and easy to do and will be bound to have a positive effect on your quality of sleep.

Dark Interiors 13/11/2017

Going To The Dark Side Of Interiors

  Over the last couple of years, it’s no secret that the interior industry has flocked towards darker colours. It appears as though the desire for a neutral room with white walls has been slowly fading, no doubt thanks to the influence of inspiring designers like Abigail Ahern. Within the industry, it’s clear we’ve now finally accepted that a coloured wall can have the same 'blank canvas' functionality as a white wall - you just need to know how to make it work. Not sure if you are able to... Read More

Danish Wishbone Chair 07/11/2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Classic Danish Wishbone Chair

They’ve been popping up all over interiors recently and it’s no surprise why. The Classis Danish Wishbone chair, recently added to the Only Home collection, is a timeless classic based on the original 1940’s design that’s never ceased production. Available in a range of beautiful colours from Only Home, let us tell you 5 great reasons why adding this specific chair into your space could be the perfect pick me up your home needs. Reason 1: The Design  Not only is this chair stunning to look at, but it’s unique... Read More


Simple Tips To Make Your Home Look Ready To Sell

If you’re considering selling your property, or have already been on the market for some time, then it’s time to make some small changes to your home to clinch that deal. In this post we’re going to show you some really simple tips that won’t cost a fortune but will have a great impact on a potential buyers perspective. Every person who walks through the door is a potential buyer and is an opportunity not to be missed - so follow these simple steps and you’ll be exchanging in no... Read More