January 2018

desk chairs 25/01/2018

Our Top Recommended Desk Chairs

Whether you're working from home, or in an office, it's important to consider what type of chair you're spending time sitting on. Not only will your designated chair have a visual impact on the room you're in, but more importantly if you're sitting on an uncomfortable chair, this could lead to lower spine discomfort and other back problems. A comfortable chair will make a world of difference when you're working late getting deadlines finished! So in an effort to help you achieve perfect working conditions, we've chosen our Top 10... Read More

design duos 17/01/2018

Powerful Interior Design Duos

If you’re decorating your home, one thing you may want to look into including in your own home are interior design power couples. By this we mean materials, furniture and colours that work seamlessly together. By using colours and / or materials that work well together, you'll have an effortlessly beautiful home to envy.  One of our favourite design power couples are brass and dark woods. This gives an instant luxe look. Dark tones in wooden furniture or flooring strikingly contrast the golden sheen of a brass item. For example,... Read More

interior trend predictions 04/01/2018

2018 Interior Trend Prediction

The interior industry sees a wealth of trends come and go - some stick around for just a few months and some for years. Thinking back on 2017, we saw copper featuring prominently in many designs, the scandi-boho look and desire for bringing the outdoors in with indoor plants. But what's in store for 2018? If you're a fan of sticking to trends and want to be inspired, find out what our trend predictions are for 2018 as chosen by interior designers. Prediction One: Mixing Metallics Brass, copper, chrome -... Read More