May 2018


3 Reasons Why You Should Mix Woods

Think of wood as part of your colour palette. With a huge variety of woods and modern stains that can alter their colours, wood is just as rich in colour as any paint selection you’ve made for a given room. Woods should therefore be treated as having a wealth of complementary shades and tones, and better than that, textures and finishes. Whether they are glossed, bleached, distressed, varnished, stained, oiled or waxed. In light of this, we want to show you that you should feel confident in mixing all types... Read More


Perfect Outdoor Dining Solutions

Ever envisaged having an outdoor space you didn't want to leave? Picture yourself dining al fresco with friends and family after a long day soaking up the sun when those British summer days pull through. Well if that sounds like something you'd want, we're excited to inform you that we have a huge new selection of outdoor products to help you create your dream outdoor dining space. In this post we've highlighted our top suggestions which we think you'll love just as much as us. Primavera 6 Seat Dining Set ... Read More


5 Bedroom Products You Can’t Live Without

Considering we spend one third of our lives asleep, we must spend even more in our bedrooms. In light of this, it's important for your wellbeing to create a bedroom environment you feel happy and relaxed in. To help you create the ideal bedroom set up, we've highlight 5 of our favourite bedroom products which we think you'll love from some of Only Home's top designers. From Floyd and Hayes to Kokoon, there's bound to be something you like from this fantastic selection... Annabella Bedside Table  We love this mid-century... Read More


Interior Styling Your Home

For many interior styling can be the tricky part of the home decoration process. It is usually the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle and one of the most important aspects to your interior design. Remember, just because you've got all your furniture sorted and in place, doesn't mean that it's the end of the interior styling process. Interior styling with accessories will add an extra layer of depth to your room.  However it is often overlooked because many feel as though you need to have 'an eye' for it. This... Read More


Bringing The Indoors Out : Our Outdoor Furniture

There's been a huge increase in wanting to make the most of our interior spaces. It comes as no surprise however, as we spend a huge proportion of our lives at home. It's therefore obvious that people are much more interested in making their homes as good as they can be. With summer creeping up on us, due to some great weather already in April, it's got us all thinking about how we can make our outdoor spaces as good as our indoor spaces. So to embrace bringing the indoors... Read More