June 2018


How To Add Personality In Neutral Rooms

When designing a room that is neutral, it doesn’t mean that it has to be dull, flat or even boring.  Neutral rooms can incorporate some of the most exciting elements making it far from boring, and in fact full of depth and personality. In this post, we’ll be sharing 5 top tips on how to add personality into a neutral room. Firstly, what classifies as neutral? Neutral in the context of interiors refers to colours such as creams, beiges and greys; in other words, tones which aren’t bold or brash... Read More


Accessorising in the Home

Accessories give you the chance to personalise your home and put your stamp on it. While many people might have the same colour walls in their homes, they’re unlikely to have the same arrangement of accessories as you. So by styling pieces that reflect you and your personal life this will allow you to achieve the most unique look possible. In an effort to help you achieve a well styled home, this post takes you through our top tips for accessorising in the home. ACCESSORISING IN THE HOME: Suggestion No.... Read More


How To Decorate With Bright Colours

People often shy away from using bright colours in their homes. They pack a punch and aren’t exactly the most relaxing colour choices as they can be quite stimulating. But if used in the right room and environment, they can be so worthwhile! In this post we’ll talk you through a few bold ways to decorate with bright colours to get you designing boldly and confidently.   How to Decorate with Bright Colours: USE POPS OF COLOUR Adding pops of colour in your furniture and accessories is probably the easiest... Read More