October 2018


Introducing ‘Gillian Kyle’ Range

Here at Only Home, we know that many of you are looking for good quality and stylish items but want affordability too, which is why we've got some amazing new brands to offer you. One of whom is Gillian Kyle, whose fantastic range of illustrations can be found on a huge selection of items from prints, to plates and even cushions. In this post, we're showing you some of our favourite pieces from her range which we think you'll love too. 3 GILLIAN KYLE PRODUCTS YOU'LL LOVE Stag With Needs & Butterflies... Read More

perfect lighting 19/10/2018

Perfecting A Lighting Scheme

Lighting is key for any home. It creates atmosphere, it helps us to be productive, it can make a home feel welcoming and so on. To help you achieve a great lighting set up in your home, we’ll be teaching you about the different kinds of lighting in a home and what products you could select to achieve this. Scroll on down to find out more... In general, there are four types of light sources: Natural light, background light, task lighting and atmospheric lighting. All four should be incorporated into... Read More


Promoting Office Wellbeing Through The Decor

'Wellbeing' it's the word on peoples lips in the food industry, beauty industry and now the interior industry too! Why? Well it's no surprise really as our surroundings have a huge impact on our mood, productivity, social life and general wellbeing. One of the most important places for us to really focus on when it comes to designing with the concept of wellbeing in mind are the areas we work from. It's these areas we find ourselves being cooped in, getting stressed in and spending a lot of time in,... Read More


5 Products To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Autumn is well and truly underway. The leaves are slowly falling off the trees and the thick blankets have come out from the cupboard. But since we're note quite ready for Christmas mode yet why not gear up for Halloween instead? It may be a holiday that's aimed at pleasing the little ones, but who says we can't make a few small changes at home to get involved too? If you're up for the challenge, here are 5 orange and black products to get you in the Halloween spirit! Cozy... Read More