April 2019

home accessories 29/04/2019

Home Accessories Everyone Should Have

We like to think of home accessories like your jewellery. They're the little added extra bit on top to take something from good to great - they finish it off! In the case of home accessories, they take your space from looking average to looking curated by a designer. In essence, they're a crucial part of the decorating process that shouldn't be left behind. So to make things easy for you, we've put together our list of home accessories everyone should have!

2019 colour trends 20/04/2019

What Are The 2019 Colour Trends

Colour quite obviously plays a huge part in the interior design process! So naturally it's extremely important to pay attention to what particular colours we can see potentially being prominent for the coming year. In light of this, we'll be discussing what are the 2019 colour trends, so you can be in the know and think about introducing them into your home. Colour Trend 1 : Move over millennial pink, it's time for dusty pink  Yes pink has been a big one for a few years now. But instead of flocking... Read More

the perfect kids room 12/04/2019

3 Ideas To Create The Perfect Kids Room

Decorating a kids room can be a tricky process, especially as they grow up so quickly! In light of this, you'll want to create a children's room that's timeless in design and can keep them happy until you find the need to change it. In this post, we wan to help you design the best children's room possible, so please see our 3 ideas to create the perfect kids room below... Idea 1 : Sticking to a neutral wall colour  Choose a neutral paint colour that's not to bold. No... Read More

office furniture 06/04/2019

How Office Furniture Affects Productivity

Being productive at home is of the utmost importance, especially if you work from home. It comes as no surprise that being more productive at home can lead to a more successful, more happy and generally more uplifted you. In a bid to help you achieve maximum productivity in your home, we'll be discussing in this post how your office furniture affects productivity and showing off some great pieces you could try.


Why Is Furniture Design Important

Furniture serves a variety of purposes in our homes and furniture design is crucial to getting the aesthetic of your style across. It also needs to be functional for everyday use, suit our lifestyles and provide comfort and style, all at the same time. When considering the type of furniture design that works best for you, you should consider your budget, the longevity of the furniture designs you choose to invest in, whether the size and shape will suit the layout of the space that you’re planning to place it in and... Read More