May 2019

how to sleep better at home 27/05/2019

How To Sleep Better At Home

You may be surprised to hear that one third of people in the UK struggle with sleep in some form. Whether it's insomnia, waking up in the night or sleeping too much, we've all suffered from it at one point or another. And did you know that our interior design has a huge part to play in helping us get a better night sleep? So in this post we'll be explaining how to sleep better at home to help you feel the best you. Introduce Natural Materials It's been scientifically... Read More

plants 16/05/2019

Why House Plants Are Good For You

When it comes to home decor, plants have been an absolute must have for the last few years. But why the sudden increase in a desire for greenery? And what plants are low maintenance for those not so green fingered? Well that's exactly what we'll be covering in this post so scroll on down to get the lowdown on all things plant based. They Purify The Air Did you know plants are extremely effective at purifying the air around us in our homes? Whether you're in a polluted city or... Read More

calm home 08/05/2019

How To Create A Calm Home

In our current climate it's hard not to feel stressed sometimes. The news is persistently depressing, we take our work home with us and our families can demand a lot! In light of this, it's important that our home environments are relaxing, calming & a place we can unwind in. In this post we'll be explaining how to create a calm home so you can enjoy some 'me time'. Hiding Clutter : We all tend to cling on to old books, keys, decorative pieces & general odd bits & bobs.... Read More