June 2019


How To Style Summer Decor Pieces

With June in full bloom and the weather picking up, it's the perfect time to get discussing your transition into summer decor. This doesn't have to be anything major - we don't expect any full renovations - but little home refreshers to take you from Autumn / Winter & into Summer mode. So grab a Pimms and read below to get you into the summer spirit. Idea 1 : Adding a bit of yellow or orange into your space  Yellow & orange are seen as the most uplifting & emotionally... Read More

using metallics within the home 17/06/2019

Using Metallics Within Your Home

We're all pretty much clued up about using colour in the home - how it's important, why it's necessary, what colours look good where etc. But do you ever consider looking beyond that at using metallics in your home? Quite often you'll find metallics are a key ingredient to home design. Think about your plug sockets / switches , table legs, chair legs, appliances - these are all important metallic features we find within the home. In light of this, we'll be discussing what metallics suits what type of home... Read More

fathers day gifts 06/06/2019

Fathers Day Gifts He’ll Love

It's that time of year again when dad's around the country are made a fuss of. Yes, it's fathers day on June 16th this year! So what better way to get him in the spirit by treating him to a special present. Here at Only Home we've got a great selection of fathers day gifts he'll love, so let us share with you our top ones. Whether your father is into food, homeware, gardening - we've got you covered. For The Foodie Dads Is there a dad that doesn't like... Read More

enhance your lighting scheme 03/06/2019

Enhance Your Lighting Scheme

Abigail Ahern, renowned interior designer, once said one's lighting scheme should create 'soft pools of light around the room'. It's this statement that hits the nail on the head when as lighting can make or break a room and really affect the overall feel of your interior scheme. Quite often though, it's something that's overlooked.  In this post we want to help you see why you should pay more attention to the way you implement light at home & improve your space easily & drastically. Introduce Lights At Different Levels... Read More