3 Ideas To Create The Perfect Kids Room

Decorating a kids room can be a tricky process, especially as they grow up so quickly! In light of this, you’ll want to create a children’s room that’s timeless in design and can keep them happy until you find the need to change it. In this post, we wan to help you design the best children’s room possible, so please see our 3 ideas to create the perfect kids room below…


Idea 1 : Sticking to a neutral wall colour 

Choose a neutral paint colour that’s not to bold. No we know this may sound a little boring, but trust us, it comes in handy! Because kids tastes are constantly changing and growing, you need to have the flexibility to change the decor / accessories / furniture in an instance. By sticking to a neutral colour, you not only have the freedom for the kids toys and furniture be a little bit more bold in colour but it also allows you to change the decor more easily as neutral colours are harmoniously easy to mix with all sorts of colours and patterns etc.

Idea 2 : Choose furniture that’s safe for children 

We all know kids are prone to bumps and grazes when they’re young, so ensure whatever pieces you choose are child friendly. We love the mini cabrio chair for just this reason. It’s padded upholstered edges mean and youngsters won’t hurt themselves if playing a little too hard!

Idea 3 : Making sure storage is key

Kids toys a’ plenty – sound familiar!? Yes storage is absolutely key when it comes to creating the perfect kids room! Where possible ensure you add storage – be it on the form of a side table, shelf, under the bed etc. We love the solar joy box bedside table for jus this reason! It allows them to keep their favourite books or toys right by their side whilst looking effortlessly stylish at the same time!

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