3 Interior Refresh Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Considering that we spend at least one third of our lives asleep, it’s important to create the ideal environment for us to have a deep, relaxing sleep. We all know sleep is crucial to our wellbeing, be it in terms of mental health or physical heath, so why not help yourself get the perfect night sleep by following some simple interior hacks? This post will offer 3 top tips that are simple and easy to do and will be bound to have a positive effect on your quality of sleep.

Tip One: Mood Lighting 

Sounds like an obvious thing to point out, but it’s amazing how many people relax in the evening with a full bright set of lights on. Try installing dimmer switches or buying a mood light so you’re exposed to only dim light at least one hour before bed. Perhaps you could opt for something like out Kokoon Costes Table Lamp (black) which offers a soothing ambience with it’s opaque design. Alternatively, light candles to create ambience. This in turn will relax you, lower your blood pressure and prep you for a great nights sleep ahead.

Tip Two: Clear The Clutter 

A clean home is a clean mind. It’s said that just making your bed in the morning can have a huge psychological impact on your brain when you return from a hard day’s work in the evening, aiding a better sleep. Plus it’s all the more enticing to get in to! Additionally, try not to dump your clothes or daily possessions around your home. Put your worn clothes away, hang them up and tidy away unnecessary bits of daily clutter. We think our range of Kokoon Ese Low Stools with hidden storage would be a great way to hide mess. This will do wonders on clearing your brain for a restful sleep.

Tip Three: Blackout Curtains 

Daylight is nature’s way of naturally waking you up, so if you want a deep undisturbed sleep, keep the sun out. By this we mean opt for black out window dressings to keep any light out. If long thick curtains aren’t right for your space, try opting for something like a blackout-roman blind instead.

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Why not give these a go and see if you'll be sleeping for longer and deeper in no time at all. 

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