3 Reasons Why You Should Have An Ottoman In Your Home

Ottomans are a fabulous furniture piece, when you’re looking for something that can be versatile in your home, especially if you’re a bit tight for space and you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing compromise. Something that’s both stylish and functional.
Here are three reasons why you should have an ottoman in your home:

Lidded ottomans such as the Amelia & Joseph Arline Fabric Storage Ottoman (£351.25), are perfect for storage. They can be used to keep your home tidy in just about any room. From placing one at the end of your bed to store clothing or blankets, to adding one to a child’s bedroom as a place to keep their toys.

Amelia & Joseph Arline Fabric Storage Ottoman


Ottomans can function as great alternative seating options. Longer length designs, such as the Amelia & Joseph Clarice Grey Velvet Storage Ottoman (£165.25), styled with a few cushions or a throw, can be used as a comfy window seat for you to lounge on, in your hallway as a place to sit and put your shoes on, or even as a dining bench in your kitchen or dining room.

Amelia & Joseph Clarice Grey Velvet Storage Ottoman

Similarly, this beautifully simple Safavieh Henry Storage Ottoman (£183.25), would work well as a low level dining stool, or could slot perfectly under a dressing room table, with the storage element, making it ideal to hold things that you use regularly but may not want to leave out, such as heat hair styling tools.

Safavieh Henry Storage Ottoman

Alternatively, if you aren’t too fussed about storage, the contemporary design of the Safavieh Benoit Ottoman (£180.25), is perfect, if you’d like to create a sleeker look.


Everything Else

As ottomans come in different shapes and sizes, aside from seating and storage, they can be used as a coffee table, a focal point in the room to create a specific layout style, or you can simply use them to just put your feet up and relax . This luxe Safavieh Adalyn Ottoman (£470.25),
is ideal for just that.

Safavieh Adalyn Ottoman

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