3 Reasons Why You Should Mix Woods

Think of wood as part of your colour palette. With a huge variety of woods and modern stains that can alter their colours, wood is just as rich in colour as any paint selection you’ve made for a given room. Woods should therefore be treated as having a wealth of complementary shades and tones, and better than that, textures and finishes. Whether they are glossed, bleached, distressed, varnished, stained, oiled or waxed. In light of this, we want to show you that you should feel confident in mixing all types of woods and we’ve outlined 3 reasons why. 

mix woods

Reason 1 : Variety Adds Layers 

Just because you’ve got an oak floor, doesn’t mean this should dictate the rest of your furniture. Err away from having a room scheme where everything is matching. When all of your surfaces are the same, you run the risk of the room becoming one-dimensional and lacklustre thus creating a less interesting space.

Instead, layer contrasting woods that share the same colour temperature. Think combining warm walnuts and oaks, or cool a ebony and lime wood undertone. Try this dark but warm reclaimed pine dining table on varnished oak floors. Additionally, mix wooden furniture with similar grain patterns as these can compliment each other by looking like-for-like in texture. This iconic beech wood Hans Wegner-style Wishbone Chair can be teamed up with woods of a different colour, but perhaps opt for a compimentary wood piece that shares the same smooth grain.

Reason Two: Err Away From The Norm 

Just because others may have one constant wood finish running throughout their homes, doesn’t mean you should too. You can and should confidently mismatch your wood furniture to create a room that’s got depth. Tie together the miss-matching wood finishes by using a linking accessory. By this we mean something like a large rug which has complimentary tones for both tones of wood and unites the deliberately dissimilar wood pieces.

Reason 3: It Reflects Nature 

When in doubt, look for inspiration from your natural surroundings. We should be conscious of these and by mixing different wood colours, we can embrace the outdoors. Our everyday surroundings are made up of all shades of woods as it’s only natural for us to blend and combine these to create unique schemes. Try our warm knot-covered or live-edge coffee tables for a natural rustic look that certainly embraces the outdoors: ‘Mark Webster New York Coffee Table’ or ‘Amelia & Joseph Holkham Live Edge Coffee Table’.

So, when choosing wooden surfaces for your home - be it on floors, walls, furniture or accessories – consider how you want to use and feel in the space and its connection with the outside, and curate a mixture of pieces that you love so your home evolves with old and new.

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