4 Christmas Day Kitchenware Essentials

Even the most confident of chefs feel a little apprehensive when it comes to the much anticipated Christmas Day dinner. What with the turkey, nut roast, potatoes, carrots, sausages in blankets, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and of course, brussel sprouts, there’s a lot to think about. Here are 4 Christmas Day kitchenware essentials which will help you on your way to becoming the King or Queen of the kitchen…

Large Baking Dish

First and foremost, every Christmas Day host will need a large baking tray/dish that is big enough for the turkey and all the trimmings! It will make life much easier to be able to throw everything into the same pot. A large tray also allows for the scrummy juices to work their way through the entire meal…we’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

Mezze bowls

What better way to keep your guests entertained while you cook than with a bowl of yummy pre-dinner treats? A stylish little set like our ‘Deluxe Gold Mezze Set’ will provide the perfect compliment to your meal. Try filling it with olives, cheese bites, nuts and crisps to keep the tummy rumbles at bay!

Cooling Rack

Another absolute must-have for Christmas Day is a generous cooling rack! As soon as your meat and vegetables are out of the oven and smelling wonderful, you can place your baking dish onto a cooling rack to let it sit for a minute (whilst you prep the table or enjoy a big slug of wine perhaps!) It will also come in super handy for all the gingerbread cookies and cakes you may bake over the festive season.

Wine Glasses

I’m sure many of you will be enjoying a glass or two of wine on Christmas Day and what better way to ‘wow’ your guests than with some fancy wine glasses? Try something elegant and timeless like our ‘LSA Tulip Glasses’ which will look super stylish for years to come.

Hopefully, our little list has given you a few ideas of the essentials needed to make your Christmas Day a smooth and stress-free event! Let’s face it, after the year we’ve all had, we’re looking forward to the festivities more than ever. Don’t forget though, after dinner it’s your turn to put your feet up…mulled wine anyone?

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