4 Easy Ways To Decorate a Nursery

It’s a precious time, bringing new life into the world. Having a baby is the start of an exciting adventure and many cherished memories are waiting to be made. But let’s face it, for us interior design lovers, styling the nursery is definitely one of the most exciting parts! Read on for 4 easy ways to decorate the perfect nursery for your new arrival…

Feature Wall

A great way of adding personality to your nursery design is by creating a feature wall. Try adding a bold colour or a statement wallpaper to one wall to make it pop. You could even consider a wall mural (a forest or sky scene perhaps?) for extra cuteness. Your little one will love exploring their new fantasy world.

Fabrics & Textiles

A simple way of adding style to your nursery is through the use of fabric and textiles. Think cosy, patterned blankets, soft coloured cushions and light, whimsical curtains. You can also create texture with the addition of teddies, touch toys and a mobile above the cot. Try displaying your prettiest muslin cloths by hanging them on wall hooks. Functional and beautiful!


Rugs can make a huge impact on any room and your new nursery is no exception. Not only do rugs inject a splash of colour or pattern, but they instantly ‘cosy up’ the room. Plus, they make the perfect play mat for when your little one begins to crawl around and explore. Check out our Safavieh Aubry Vintage Inspired Rug for the perfect nursery rug.

Art Prints

Finally, styling bare walls with art prints will not only inject personality into the nursery, but they give precious, little eyes plenty to look at! There are millions of adorable prints out there that are designed for babies which will help to inspire their creative minds and make the room look cute too! If you’re not keen on hanging prints, try a picture shelf to display your favourites.

We hope that we have given you a few ideas when it comes to designing your precious nursery. With a few small touches, you can make a big impact and create the perfect little world for your new arrival. Good luck, new Mums and Dads!

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