4 Ways to Display Flowers Within Your Home

We all like to add a bit of ‘pretty’ to our homes, and nothing screams ‘pretty’ like a colourful bunch of fresh flowers. However, if you’re a bit bored of purchasing a weekly bunch of tulips from the local supermarket and throwing them into the same trusty vase, then you may want to explore other ways you can display flowers within your home. Here are 4 of our favourite ideas…

Dried Flowers

Gone are the days when dried flowers make us think of pot-pourri sachets in our Granny’s sock drawer. Dried flowers have come back ‘on trend’ thanks to their beauty and easy maintenance. No need for watering and these little pretties can stay with us for months! 

Top tip: Why not try drying flowers at home and displaying them in frames? Fantastic artwork straight from your garden!

Bud Vase

Bud vases are a simple and elegant way to display fresh flowers without the need for a voluminous bunch. One simple stem per vase can create maximum impact with minimal effort. Check out the Only Home ‘Test Tube Flower Holder’ for extra style points!

Flower Wall

Feeling crafty? Why not try your hand at a DIY flower wall? By attaching either faux or dried flowers to your wall, you can create a gorgeous statement wall that adds character and beauty to your home. This idea is perfect for a whimsical bedroom design, or even a child’s nursery.

Glass Jars & Bottles

Finally, don’t feel restricted to add your fresh blooms to purpose-made vases. Why not get crafty with your containers, using jars and bottles you may have laying around the home? They can create a much more interesting display and allow you to choose the style you’re going for, whether it be eclectic vintage, farmhouse or modern chic.

We hope we’ve inspired you to think outside-of-the-box when it comes to flowers in the home. They offer a great way of expressing personality and adding beauty to your space. But, quick! Get picking the last of the summer flowers and start drying them in the airing cupboard…you’ll have some beautiful handmade artwork in a few weeks time.

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