Reasons You Should Consider A New Rug

Whether you’re kitting out a kitchen, bedroom, living room or kids room – consider a vital but underrated key piece. A new rug! Rugs are fantastic for adding colour, texture, pattern and evening for sectioning spaces. In this post we’ll be telling you 5 important reasons why you should consider a new rug. We’ll also be showing off our favourite 5 from our collection.


Reason 1 : You Can Add Pattern Without The Room Feeling Too Busy

Rugs are great for adding those wanting to add some pattern or fun shapes into a space without it feeling too busy. If you aren’t feeling confidant enough to opt for a bold wallpaper, or upholstery fabric, add pattern through your rug. We think this Linio Maze Rug from Kokoon would be the perfect statement for doing just this. It’s also water-repellent, antistatic and antibacterial, making it easy to clean and great value for money.

Reason Two: You Can Add Texture

If you’re seriously considering designing a well designed space, you will need to consider having various textures around the room. Whether it’s wood, velvet, linen or animal hide etc mix your textures. A rug, which is hugely versatile and available in many different materials, is a great way to add texture into your space. We love this Loft Cream Rug which will keep things simple but add a cosy, soft element to your space.

Reason Three: You Can Define Your Spaces

This is especially useful if you are working with large open plan spaces. Try using a rug (larger ones work well) to section of specific areas of your room. For example, if you’ve got a large open plan living / dining area, you may want to use a rug to section each designated area. This brings balance and a good flow to any space. We love the Kokoon Muoto Rug in Pink – try sectioning off your space with it.

Reason FourYou Can Update Them Easily 

Are you someone who likes to switch up your interior seasonally or someone who changes their mind frequently? Well then a rug is definitely the way forward for you. Rugs are a great way to refresh or update your interior on the cheap but with maximum impact. Since rugs are available in some many different shapes, colours, designs etc they’ll easily re-vamp any room with a quick change. Plus with plenty of affordable options from Only Home like this Elegant Grey & White Diamond rug then you’ll be able to mix up your home decor more often than you think!

Persuaded to opt for a new rug? Try browsing the rest of the collection here:


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