5 Steps To A Clutter Free Home

Did you know that home clutter is one of the main causes of anxiety and stress? So why not avoid unnecessary daily stresses and use your home to create a clean, tidy and relaxing home that you’ll crave to come home to at the end of the working day. With these 5 simple tips, you’ll go from cutter prone to stress-free zone.


Set aside some time every few months to go through all your belongings and choose whether you want to keep them, donate them, or dispose of them. If you struggle to let go of possessions think about when the last time you used it was or got joy out of it – if it was more than a few years ago, perhaps it’s time to think about freeing up some space in your home.


This second tip is similar to the first, but be conscientious when buying things for your house. If you see something you like but don’t really need try to resist temptation. Chances are, if you don’t buy it then and there, when you get home you will already have forgotten about it. You’ll know if you really like something when you’re still thinking about it a few weeks later.  The less you have in your home, the less likely you are to create mess.


Create a junk drawer for every day bits that don’t have an obvious home or regular purpose. Think spare cables, take away menus, spare pens etc. Anything that could create clutter can be stored neatly but still easily accessed this way.


Store items in jars or tins where possible. Not only does this space save, but doing this can look look super stylish too. Kilner jars or vintage tins are great for storying things like paper clips, coffee beans, tea, spices, USB’s, stock cubes etc that typically clog counter or cupboard space. If you want to take it one step further, you can even label them if you’re feeling organised.


To to keep your surfaces clean and clear on a daily basis. If you don’t have time to do a thorough clean, tidying surfaces such as dining tables, desks, kitchen work tops etc will make an instant impact on how tidy your home looks.

We’d love to know how you stay organised and clutter free at home, so feel free to comment below and share with us your thoughts, tips, and ideas!

All photos from Unsplash

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