Perfecting A Lighting Scheme

Lighting is key for any home. It creates atmosphere, it helps us to be productive, it can make a home feel welcoming and so on. To help you achieve a great lighting set up in your home, we’ll be teaching you about the different kinds of lighting in a home and what products you could select to achieve this. Scroll on down to find out more...

In general, there are four types of light sources: Natural light, background light, task lighting and atmospheric lighting. All four should be incorporated into each room. A well lit room will have around 6 lights sources per room and will be multi layered (this includes natural day light). 

Starting with the easiest one, natural light i.e. your windows, skylights etc. If designing a home from scratch, think about the importance of your natural light source and therefore the significance of it's positioning.

You may have want to have a large window, but if it’s north facing then it won’t get much sunlight throughout the day, so perhaps it's best putting a larger window elsewhere. And if you do have a dingy room, budget for extra lighting sources as you will need it to compensate for the lack of light.

Background lighting – this is the main light source for the room. This could be your ceiling lights, a selection of table lamps all connected to one switch or wall lights again all connected to once switch. Per room, you should only really have one background light source. This doesn't mean one ceiling light -  5 ceiling lights = 1 background light source. They're classed as one as they are a source group.

Use background lighting as your base to build up other light sources. How about our Phelia Wall Light  as your background light source?

Thirdly, task lighting. This is what you’ll use for reading, getting dressed, doing make up, working, cooking etc – anything that involves concentration. Examples are a desk lamp, bedside light for reading or dressing table light. Ensure that the task light is broad enough to cover the area that you need to illuminate. Try out Kokoon Bot Table Lamp for your working task light.

Lastly, atmospheric lighting – this is crucial to creating a welcoming home that you can unwind and relax in. In order to create depth, it’s very important to layer the lights in your room and you do this with your atmospheric lighting. You should aim for “soft pools of light coming from a variety of sources, tantalising the eye” as Abigail Ahern, celebrity interior designer, puts it.

Examples of atmospheric lighting are things a light on a side table, LED lighting under kitchen cabinets, a small light placed on a high shelf and decorative floor lights.  Try our Kokoon lounge black floor lamp. for your background lighting. 

Use these four points to create a combination of high and low lights. This will ensure that you have those ‘pools’ of light balanced across the space.

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