Accessorising in the Home

Accessories give you the chance to personalise your home and put your stamp on it. While many people might have the same colour walls in their homes, they’re unlikely to have the same arrangement of accessories as you. So by styling pieces that reflect you and your personal life this will allow you to achieve the most unique look possible. In an effort to help you achieve a well styled home, this post takes you through our top tips for accessorising in the home.


accessorising in the home

Suggestion No. 1  : LAYERING

Create interest in your spaces by layering up your accessories. If you’re styling a sideboard or mantel piece, consider the design principles by playing with proportion and contrast. Lean your large frames against the wall and overlay them with smaller frames and vases, for example. Use a range of colours and textures to create depth. This Kokoon Diamond vase would look great on a mantle piece layered with frames and plants.

accessorising in the home

Suggestion No. 2 :MIRRORS

Mirrors also aren’t just for looking in, they are great for all spaces to brighten up a room. They are however especially useful smaller rooms as they create the illusion of more space by reflecting natural light around the room. Aside from being practical, they’re also a great decorative piece as  they can be eye-catching pieces – try our industrial style bronze mirror (£195), pictured.

accessorising in the home

Suggestion No. 3 : LIGHTING

Although lamps and pendant lights are accessories in themselves, think about how the lamp will project onto the walls and what sort of lighting and mood it’ll create. By choosing lamps that project beautiful patterns and shadows, you can transform and accessorise you room from day to night. For example, the cage light fitting below will create stripy shadows over the room at night and a warm glow with an Edison bulb-  perfect for creating an atmospheric space in the evening. Plus it’s items like this that offer maximum output for minimum input – by this we mean that with this one single light, you can achieve a strong visual impact despite it being a single product.

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Feature photo from Unsplash.

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