Advice On How To Choose The Best Soft Furnishings

Use of soft furnishings, is one of the most effective ways, to display your sense of interior style throughout your home. It’s especially useful if you’re renting and you want to personalise your space or you’re working with a limited budget and you just want a way to give your home a quick refresh. But with so many patterns and textures and Pinterest decor inspiration rabbit holes to fall through, do you go for the uber Hygge hand knitted blanket or turn a blind eye to delivery costs and order one of those just the perfect shade of off white linen cushion covers which they only seem to stock in Australian boutiques. Needless to say, it can be slightly overwhelming, so these are some of the things you can think about, before you end up with too many cushions and not enough seats and beds to display them on.

Colour Scheme

Soft furnishings can be used to balance out the colour scheme of a room. For instance, you can use cushions with darker shades on a light coloured sofa, to level out a monotone look. Or, depending on what effect you’re trying to create, you can use dark curtains against a dark wall colour to make a room look more dramatic, or do the opposite, to make the room look more open and light.


Search through places such as Pinterest for rooms that match your decor style or look similar to the room that you’d like to furnish, for inspiration on the type of soft furnishings they’ve used, to pull a room together. Create a Pinterest board or mood board of the looks that you love and only purchase items that are the same, or resemble what you’ve seen. This will help to stop you from buying all the things and help to make sure, that the room turns out exactly how you envisioned it.


One of the great things about soft furnishings is that they’re basically the easiest element of home decor to change. So if you can’t decide between two options, you can do both. Choose light and airy colours and materials to create summer looks and go for heavier textures and darker tones, when preparing your home for the winter months.


It’s easy to get carried away, but often with soft furnishings keeping things simple is key. Stay away from over matching and instead select items that will compliment each other and create a few contrasts within the room.

Have a look below to see an example of how you can mix and match one item, in order to create a few different looks in your home.

Look 01

This combination could work well with both light and darker toned walls and furniture, as both items include a mixture of two.

Floyd & Hayes Durrie Cushion £51.25

Only Home Inaluxe Crystal Palace Rug from £259.75

Look 02

The darker shades of this combination could help to create a tonal balance, alongside light coloured walls and furnishings.

Floyd & Hayes Durrie Cushion £51.25

Only Home Loft Grey Rug from £59.75

Look 03

The prominence of the lighter toned rug could work well with darker wall and furniture shades, using the darker elements of the cushion to pull the look together.

Floyd & Hayes Durrie Cushion £51.25

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