Affordable Bedroom Refresh Tips

A bedroom should be a sanctuary. A place to unwind, relax and unload the troubles of the day, before sinking into a peaceful night’s sleep. Why then, do so many of us neglect this space? After all we spend an average of 4 months of the year asleep in bed, so it’s important we get it just right. Here are a few easy ways that you can improve your bedroom environment and create the sanctuary you deserve...


Creating the perfect ambience is key to a relaxing bedroom and lighting is the simplest way to achieve this. Perhaps you could swap the main light for softer bedside lighting like our beautiful ‘Max Crystal Table Lamps’? Or maybe you could add a new floor lamp to the room? Either way, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect night-time mood.

Top Tip:
Lighting still too harsh? Switch your bulbs up and choose some that supply a dimmer light for an even softer glow.


Mattress Refresh

Many of us neglect our mattresses and it’s easy to see why as they don’t come cheap! However, if you can’t afford to replace the entire mattress right now, what about adding a mattress topper? At just a fraction of the price, these bad boys add an extra layer of comfort to the surface of your mattress which will bring you one step closer to your luxurious bedding goals.


Adding a rug to your bedroom can completely transform the space. Not only do we get extra comfort for our tootsies, (particularly pleasant on those cold winter mornings!) but they can add colour, sophistication and personality to your bedroom. Something like our ‘Royal Nomadic Grey and Cream Diamond Rug’ is the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Wall Decor

Why not inject a little personality into your bedroom space through the use of artwork and prints? Not only will they make the place look pretty, but they can bring energy into a space and will help to brighten your morning. Be sure to pick something uplifting and inspiring to start your day in the best possible way.

So there you have it. A few simple ideas to help refresh your bedroom. Hopefully you’re that little bit closer to creating the sanctuary of your dreams...sleep tight!

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