Affordable Ways to Restyle Your Home

Restyling your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so here’s 3 ways to easily update your home without breaking the bank.

Add ‘Trend-Led’ Items

Instead of restyling your whole room, often updating one or two items, such as bed linen, cushions, a rug or artwork, can completely change the feel of the room.  These are also the best places to add your ‘trend led’ pieces, so you can easily swap them again when the trend has had it’s moment! This season, we’re seeing a lot of natural materials and colours.  In your Kitchen, try adding a display of a few gorgeous wooden chopping boards, in various sizes and shapes, to embrace the trend and update your home.

Grounded Neutrals

Warm earthy neutrals were replacing cooler greys in our homes all through last year too, but this trend is going nowhere anywhere fast.  These colours, inspired by nature, are calming and cozy without being overpowering.  They also compliment the scandi-monochrome palettes that are already in a lot of homes, making it an easy way to bring your home up to date.   Try replacing bold accessories with neutral creams and beiges.


One of the quickest ways to restyle your home is just by painting the room.  Colour can have a massive impact on the feel of a room and also, how the rest of your furniture looks against it.  It can either help your prized possessions stand out, or don’t forget, you can also paint chunky pieces of furniture to match the wall so visually they appear to take up less space. 

Consult the Experts

If you really don’t know where to start, instead of splashing the cash and regretting it later, why not bring in the experts?  There are several affordable interiors design services out there, such as our friends over at Topology Interiors, that really don’t cost the earth.  Starting at only £150, trained designers can help you bring together items you already own in a completely new way or suggest key pieces to purchase to update a room or help your home flow in a more cohesive way.  Many Interior Designers also have access to trade discounts, saving you money on the items you buy through them, cancelling out the cost of their fee. Win, win!

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