Recommended Bedroom Furniture Ideas

One of the most important rooms in your home to get right in terms of decor is your bedroom. Your bedroom should be the one room in your home that you should be able to relax in and use as an escape from the mad rush of everyday life.


The best place to start is by using natural and tranquil colours as your base. Plan out the layout of the room and the spacing of your furniture, to ensure that it doesn’t feel cluttered and instead create a light and airy atmosphere to enhance the feeling of relaxation, whenever you enter your room. Add carefully selected furniture, comfortable, breathable materials and small furnishings, lighting features, and natural elements such as accents of greenery, to further create a peaceful ambience in your bedroom.


1. Control the style and mood of the lighting in your room, by adding a well placed lamp. The neutral colour combination of the Kokoon Trivet White Floor Lamp with Grey Shade (£135.25), is a great addition for a calming colour palette and the floor standing feature of the lamp, will help to create an extra level of height in the room.

2. Adding a beautiful mirror to your bedroom such as the Yearn Classic Rectangle Mirror (from £104.75), is a great way to reflect more light into the space and make it feel more spacious than it actually is.


3. Using candles in your bedroom, whether it’s just for decor purposes or to add calming scents, is another perfect way to make your bedroom a tranquil space. The Kokoon Bali Lantern (£88.25) is a beautiful way to display your candles either on the floor or on a table top surface.


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