Best Fire Pits To Buy To Prepare For Cosy Season

Well, in true British style we're going to start a conversation about the weather now. Autumn has well and truly hit us! We're nearing the end of September and gearing up for cosy season. In light of this, it's the perfect time to think about wrapping ourselves up in thick blankets, with a hot toddy and a log fire. So why not think about introducing a fire-pit into your outdoor space? We've got a fantastic selection so will be sharing you some of the best fire pits to buy on the market.

Round Cocoon Firepit With Additional Option Of Teak Side Shelf 

We love this option as it's simple, stylish and fantastic quality. See the benefits below!

  • Side Shelf for Fire Pits
  • Provides storage space for drinks and nibbles
  • Easy to attach shelf for Oval and Round Cocoon Firepits
  • Light assembly required
  • Dimensions: H: 2 x W:16.5 x D: 74cm

Firepit - £617

Side Shelf - £141 

Keeping Your Pit Environmentally Friendly 

When using your fire pit, try and keep it as environmentally friendly as possible. Don't use firelighters with harsh chemicals in them as when released into the air they're much more polluting. Find more eco-friendly options out there! Additionally, only use it on special occasions such as for parties, social gatherings, cosy romantic nights so you're using it wisely. Lastly, consider cleaning it with sustainable & eco-friendly cleaning materials so no additional harsh chemicals are bought / used by you or released into the air.


Polo Fire Bowl 

Affordable, stylish and simple. We're obsessed with the polo fire bowl as it's a totally understated product. See the benefits below...


  • Handmade steel fire bowl
  • High quality, modern design
  • Can be combined with tripod, mesh screen and lid by Cook King
  • Can be used as fireplace, portable grill or heat source
  • Light assembly required
  • Dimensions: H: 38 x W:80 x D: 80cm


Black Steel Grate Tripod Grill

Ok so this one is mainly a BBQ / Grill but could also a great addition for those wanting the visual benefit of a a fire pit, but the functionality of a grill! If that's not enough to make you add it to your basket, see more benefits below...

  • Steel tripod with height adjustable grill plate
  • High quality, modern design
  • Suitable for use with Cook King fire bowls and Verona fire basket
  • Low maintenance for outdoor use
  • Light assembly required
  • Dimensions: H: 180 x W:80 x D: 80cm

If you're still curious about the best fire pits to buy, see our entire collection here along with added extra accessories too! Click here.

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