Christmas Decor Solutions For Family Homes

With less than 6 weeks to go before the big day, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your Christmas decorations! Are you the type of person that goes all out - think tinsel, light up decorations etc. Or do you prefer a more toned down Christmas? Perhaps a Nordic all gold and white theme. Whatever your style, there are plenty of affordable decor solutions for you to try and we're showing you the best ones here!

The first thing to do when decorating for Christmas is to decide upon your theme. This may be a certain colour selection or style. To get your creative juices flowing here are some unique ideas that err away from the classic 'red and green' concept.

  • Gold & White Decor
  • Blush Pink & Olive Green Decor
  • Silver & Navy Decor
  • Nordic Christmas
  • Multicolour Christmas
  • Kitsch Christmas

Once you've established your 'theme', think about the areas in which you can implement them. Can you introduce this theme in other places apart from your standard go to areas such as your tree or tableware? Perhaps think about adding decorations around your door frames, through soft furnishings, down your banisters or even in your gift wrapping.

perfect lighting

Lastly, when decorating in a family home, see if you can make festive fun out of it. Christmas decorations don't all have to be shop bought, try an idea that involves a little DIY! Something as simple as collecting the prettiest leaves from the park and stuffing them inside a jar or glass container and then filling the jar with fairy lights is a great idea. Not only have you got yourself an Autuman decoration that's cheap to make & cosy to look at but one that also creates an activity for the family to get enjoyment out of. If you're stuck on ideas, try heading to Pinterest which has a wealth of Christmas decor solutions which are perfect for the family.

All photos sourced from Unsplash & written by blogger Athina Bluff of Topology

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