How To Create The Perfect Bedroom

Considering we spend one third of our lives sleeping, it’s more important than ever that we create a relaxing and cosy sleeping environment for us to rest in. Your bedroom should be an oasis of calm, where you can switch off from the outside world and let yourself chill out. In light of this, we want to help you create an amazing bedroom design. We’ve put in this post our top 3 easy to do tips on how to create the perfect bedroom design.

perfect home office

Tip 1 : 

Choosing a calming colour. Colour psychology is a big thing now as research has proven that certain colours have huge impacts on us. Did you know colours like red can signify danger and orange can energise us whereas blues can lower your blood pressure and make you feel calm. No wonder it’s such a popular colour! Bearing this in mind, choose a colour you feel personally relaxes you – try to stick to neutrals or pastels or warming shades. If you’re a colour lover, perhaps go bold elsewhere in the home like an office, kitchen of living room.

perfect bedroom colour scheme

Tip Two: 

Pay attention to your bed décor. By this we mean – dress up your bed with a throw, a nice headboard or bed frame, cushions and good linen. All of these combined will create a statement or focal piece of the bedroom. You want your bed to steal the show and become the centre of attention, so consider it’s décor well. Good linen as well is especially key for a good nights sleep.

perfect home office

Tip Three: 

Mood lighting. Lighting is what can make or break a room. No one wants to relax and unwind in a room with solely ceiling lights. Add some ambient lighting like mood lights, table lamps or reading lights to create a cosy glow in the evening when you’re taking it easy in bed or reading a book. Try our Kokoon Trivet Natural Table Lamp which is just £116.

If you’re designing a bedroom, why don’t you check out our selection of bedroom furniture to help finish off your design.

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