How To Create The Perfect Home Office

Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, sometimes there is a need to work from home. So in order to help you stay focused, comfy and energised, we've come up with some simply ideas and furniture solutions for creating the perfect home office. 

perfect home office


Clear the clutter! Nothing is more powerful than a quick organise and clearing of unnecessary and unsightly clutter. Put your pens in pots, store away papers and clean the surface. Why not opt for a desk with plenty of drawers to hide all your work essentials - a great option is our Boston Walnut Desk. A clear space, is a clear mind! 


A comfy chair! If you're working from home it is incredibly important to have a desk chair with good back support. Try opting for something with a cushioned back or curved back for lower back support in particular. The comfier you are, the more likely you are to stay focused and productive! We particularly love our Kokoon Torino Office Chair, £222.25, which offers great back support with a stylish design. The high quality black leather and chrome combination are effortlessly chic, whilst the adjusting seat offers great practical design. 


Did you know that the more light there is in a room, the more productive you are? Well science says this is true, so wherever you're working ensure there is enough light to help you get on with your tasks. An easy way of doing this is by adding a stylish desk lamp to your work station. We love this stylish Kokoon Bot Table Lamp in a classic white finish and oak stem, for just £78.25. 

Try one, or all, of these perfect home office tips to create a happy work station at home.


All images from Only Home website or Pixabay. 

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