Create the Luxury Hotel Trend in Your Home

Luxury hotels take pride in their glamorous and exquisite interiors. Top designers are chosen to help give hotels that perfect, polished look that we can only dream of achieving in our own homes. But what if we tell you that it’s easier than you think? Here are our top tips to help you create the luxury hotel trend in your home…


Many hotels opt to dress their walls in wallpaper as it offers instant drama. If you’re hoping to create a feature wall, then we suggest adorning the wall behind your bed for that hotel-luxe look. Alternatively, you could cover all of the walls in your chosen wallpaper for optimum extravagance.

(Top Tip: Choose dark colours to create extra drama and opulence.)

A bedroom design featuring 2 pieces of large artwork.


When planning your space, think about using symmetry. For example, you may wish to use matching bedside tables either side of your bed, with identical lamps on top. If you don’t have the space, then try to create symmetry using artwork or other accessories.

Luxurious Fabrics

Fabrics provide the perfect opportunity to add ‘hotel chic’ to your design. Adorn your windows in heavy, thick fabrics to create a cosy, sumptuous vibe. And perfectly placed cushions can add texture and depth to your bed. Incorporate patterned fabrics and different textures such as velvet and leather to add instant glamour.

A hotel bedroom design with a statement headboard and blue velvet cushion.

Statement Headboards

Add luxury to your bedroom design by including a feature headboard. The bigger the better! Try covering an old headboard in a glamorous fabric of your choice to create instant style points on a budget.


Luxury hotels always pay special attention to their bedding and for good reason! Choose the puffiest pillows and the thickets, fluffiest duvet to create that hotel feel. Did someone say Egyptian cotton sheets? Yes, please.

Luxurious hotel bedroom design with symmetrical bedside tables, lighting and panelling.

Rolled Towels

It’s a simple trick, but it works! A rolled-up towel gives off instant ‘spa’ vibes and makes you feel like you’re being pampered. An easy way to add a little luxury to your bathroom.


Lighting is a key component when creating that unmistakable hotel ambience. Think pendant lights dropping down over bedside tables, or perfectly placed wall lights. Opt for ‘amber’ bulbs to create the perfect warm lighting state, or simply add a candle to your bedside for a flickering glow.

We hope that has given you a few ideas when it comes to recreating the luxury hotel trend in your home. You can add drama and extravagance through the use of wallpaper and fabrics. Or simply add a few small details like candles and rolled-up towels for those simple hotel touches. Either way, you won’t ever want to ‘check out’…

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