Creating a More Productive Home Office

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we have a comfortable and productive ‘home working’ environment. With more and more of us trading the office life and spending hours everyday at the desk we hurriedly put up in our spare room, it’s important that we create an inspiring area to aid our productivity. Whilst we’re not all blessed with an extra room that we can dedicate to a home office, there are a few clever little tricks we can install in any space which will help to create a more productive working area…

Storage Solutions

A cluttered space invites a cluttered mind, so it’s important to get organised! Use drawers, boxes and pots to clear away any unwanted ‘eye sores’, leaving a clean and tidy desk space. I would also recommend a little tidy up at the end of your working day, so that when you arrive at your desk the following morning, it feels fresh and inspiring.

Comfortable seating

We spend hours every day at our desks which can be very damaging to our bodies. Therefore, it’s crucial that we have supportive and comfortable seating. Investing in a good chair, such as our sleek ‘Kokoon Alyssa Office Chair’, will not only smarten up your office area, but your joints and muscles will thank you for it too!


Try bringing some fresh flowers/greenery into your office area. Not only do they look pretty, but plants have been proven to relax the mind and aid creativity, making them the perfect addition to any home office environment.

Natural daylight

If you are able to position your desk near a window, then shift it pronto! The introduction of natural daylight will not only add some much needed light to your office area, but will help to inspire your creativity. Rather than staring at a blank wall, it is good for the soul to be able to see the natural world outside and inject a little bit of relaxation into your working day. (Don’t forget to open the window every now and again for a little fresh air too!)

So there you have it! A few quick and easy fixes which will help to inspire creativity, aid productivity and make the most of your home office space. You’ll be dying to get to work in no time!

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