Creating The Perfect Home Office

While we’re all being encouraged to stay safely in our homes and not to head to the office, sadly it doesn’t mean that we all get an extended holiday! Lots of us are finding ourselves working from home and with the perils of home life getting in the way, it’s not always easy to get as much work done as we want to. That’s why it’s super important to set up a work space where we can ‘switch off’ from our surroundings, somewhere we can remain productive and inspired. Read on for our top tips to creating the perfect office from home.

Natural Light

Bring a little of the outside-in by situating your desk close to a window. Not only will this bring more natural light to your work space, but being able to see the outside world can inspire creativity. If however, this is not an option and you need to position your desk facing a wall, try hanging a mirror above as this will reflect light from your window around the room and have the same effect. Watching the light change throughout the day and seeing movement, is really important to keeping you focused and working to your best ability. We love this Yearn Mirror which comes in 3 various sizes to suit all spaces. 


Have a little look around your home (or a forage in the garden!) and find plants that can be brought into your work space. The presence of plants has been proven to de-stress the mind and encourage a calming atmosphere, so add them to your desk pronto! If you aren't particularly green fingered, we have a fantastic range of faux plants that you won't be able to kill! 

Table Lamp

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a space for your desk near a window, then why not invest in a table lamp to make sure you have all the light you need? Atmospheric lighting at different levels is proven to boost productivity when working at a desk! Something similar to our ‘Amelia & Joseph’ table lamp will do the trick and ensure that you are not putting unnecessary strain on your eyes.


By adding a favourite piece of artwork, photographs or inspirational quotes to your space, you can stimulate the mind and inspire creativity. This is a particularly good tip for those who have artistic or design jobs. Let’s get those juices flowing!


Hopefully these simple tricks will have you feeling a little more inspired and boost your productivity whilst working from home. You won’t ever want to head back to the office...

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