Going To The Dark Side Of Interiors


Over the last couple of years, it’s no secret that the interior industry has flocked towards darker colours. It appears as though the desire for a neutral room with white walls has been slowly fading, no doubt thanks to the influence of inspiring designers like Abigail Ahern. Within the industry, it’s clear we’ve now finally accepted that a coloured wall can have the same 'blank canvas' functionality as a white wall - you just need to know how to make it work. Not sure if you are able to take the plunge into the dark paint pot? In this post we’ll show you how darker colours can work for any home – even in small spaces. 

dark interiors

For many, neutral light colours have been used to show us that they can create Scandi inspired, elegant, light and delicate spaces – Kelly Hoppen ‘the queen of taupe’ certainly showed us over the years with her contemporary, sleek neutral designs. However, dark colours can create the same effect. Try mixing a popular paint like Farrow & Ball’s ‘Downpipe’ (think a muted dark teal) and mix it with velvets, dark woods and metallics for a plush, luxury look. How about mixing a dark paint with our Mark Webster Gatsby TV Media Unit, pictured.

Darker colours have also in the past seemed to be a grey area for people with small spaces, but why? It’s not true that darker colours mean a cramped room. In fact, sometimes darker colours blur the joins of a room’s walls, making the space appear more vast due to the fact you can’t see where it begins or ends.

Many designers swear by darker colours, claiming it’s a myth that small rooms need white or light colours to appear bigger. If you provide good lighting, layer your textures and use pops of a lighter colour elsewhere, your room could not only appear cosy and well designed, but bigger too. To create the perfect dark look, try adding some exposed bulb lighting to brighten up the space like our Edison Caged Double Sconce Gunmetal Wall Lights for just £51.45. Their eye-catching bulbs will draw the eye to the light source as you enter the room and help it appear brighter that it actually is. Convinced enough to take the plunge? Shop the range here

dark interiors

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