Decorating A Kids Room With Style

Decorating a kids room can be challenging. How do you create a room that they will be able to grow into or a room that will be in keeping with the rest of the house? Well we’ve compiled our favourite kids range products to help you create an inspiring childrens’ room even the big kids will envy.


The Inventors Kids Green Elephant Stool, £49.99

Definitely one the kids are going to love – available in a mix of colours like green, pink, blue and white, let the kids distract themselves with this elephant stool which will be perfect for playing with. Let their imaginations run wild whilst you sit back and relax!

White kids Eiffel Armchair, £39.25 

Sometimes it’s tricky creating a kids room that’s in keeping with the rest of the house. Find that balance between a room that’s fun and kid friendly but that’s also well designed by opting for these Eames inspired chairs. These mini seats will provide that grown up look that still says kid-friendly.

kids room design ideas

Mini Emmett Panama Frog Cushion, £58.25

For the kids that like animals, check out the range of cushions by Mimi Emmett. We particularly like the whimsical look of these frog patterned cushions but the fox and bird patterns are hard to resist too. Try adding a selection in your kids rooms so they can create a cosy den with them during play time – or simply contrast them against some simple linen to make them stand out.

Kids White Eiffel Table, £69.25

The perfect accompaniment to our kids white Eiffel chairs above, this table and chair set would be ideal for the little ones play time. Try mixing and matching the chair and table colours for a fun, playful feel. Or if you’re one for keeping things simple, the white option for both would be ideal to recreate a minimalist Scandinavian look.

Blue Kids Rocking Chair, £39.25

Available in a range of colours, these rocking chairs are the perfect addition to any kids room. Not only are they stylish and on trend, but fun for the kids to play on too! We love these pastel blue ones as pastels are perfect for any kids room for a light and playful vibe.

Cottage Blue Zig Zag Rug, £57.25

Most rooms will need some sort of rug or floor decoration to add texture and depth to a room’s design. Light, pale colours work particularly well for kids rooms (darker colours are too atmospheric) which is why this cottage blue zig-zag printed rug is the ideal addition to add some colour.

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