Ease Your Home Into Autumn

As we continue into Autumn where the days get shorter and colder, there comes a time when it feels necessary to make some small changes within the home. These Autumn décor changes don’t have to be complicated or expensive, just quick and easy changes to make your home feel as if it’s embracing the cosiness of Autumn and help you enter the beloved Christmas run up. 

Styling Your Mantlepiece 

By styling your mantelpiece this means you are drawing attention to the fireplace, something which feels natural during Autumn as we enter the winter period. With night setting in earlier during this time, why not opt for some cosy & practical décor in this area like candles or vases that have an Autumnal feel to them.

Cushions & Throws

Probably the quickest and easiest way to spruce up your home in time for Autumn is to add some blankets and throws in your living room or bedroom. Think sheepskin hides & woolly blankets – in essence it’s something to keep you warm when you snuggle up on the sofa or in bed at night. Cushions too are a great way to allow you to add some warmer. Try darker colours or autumnal auburn colours to reflect the Autumn nature outside. We particularly love this Mimi Emmett Panama Fox Cushion to add a bit or Autumn orange into the mix.

autumn decor

Seasonal Plants

If you like to incorporate plants into your home, you’ll know that summer plant décor is all about blooming flowers and lots of bright colours and lots of greeenry. For Autumn however it’s a more subdued look. Think sunflowers, pinecones & red roses which will create a more auburn & earthy tone within the home.

Change Your Bed Linen

If you’ve switched to lighter cotton or linen bed linen for the summer, Autumn brings the time to change to something with a thicker cog to help you keep warm in the colder nights as we run into winter. Try bed linen with a higher thread count (500 upwards) for a thicker and more luxury bed. Additionally, play around with throws, cushions and different coloured duvet sets with darker, more muted tones for an Autumnal feel

 Follow these simple Autumn Decor tips and you'll be feeling cosy and ready for Christmas in no time. 

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