Easy Summer Decor Ideas

With Spring in full bloom, we can’t help but get excited about Summer being only just around the corner. And the desire to make sure our homes ready for summer gets more enticing. Suddenly those wintery thick blankets, heavy duvets and seasonal décor touches no longer have a place within our homes. As the seasons change, we always recommend sprucing up your home to reflect this, as little adjustments to your interiors can have a huge impact on your daily mood. So why not uplift your spirit in time for summer? We’ve come up with some simple décor ideas to inject some summer into your home.

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Idea 1 : Change Your Bed Linen

During the winter it’s all about keeping warm, making sure your duvet is thick and your bed throw even thicker. But come summer, it’s all about keeping cool in the night to ensure a restful sleep. We recommend opting for linen based bed sheets because this natural fibre is breathable and therefore can help you keep cool at night. Stay away from artificial fabrics which can trap heat and keep you hotter e.g. flannel.

Idea Two: Change Your Table Decor

This is a really simple interior adjustment that can help bring that summer feeling indoors. Think about the materials you use for your place mats, crockery, napkins, tablecloths etc. Err away from dark colours and use more appropriate shades like a zesty yellow or fuschia pink. If you aren’t one for bright colours, try pastel colours for a more toned down look; baby blues, creams etc. Think about how you can present your food too – bring out your salad bowls, wooden serving boards and small serving bowls when your displaying your BBQ food.

Idea Three: Indoor Plants

This is a really simple (and obvious) interior adjustment that can help bring that summer feeling indoors. Most of us will always have plants in doors, but with summer, try to err away for the usual plants you go for. Opt for vibrant, colourful and tall plants that make their presence known. Orchids are a great plant as they require little maintenance, come in a variety of colours and add great height to areas that need a little pick me up.

Just like you’d mix your clothes up for the season, why not mix up your interior too – try these simple summer décor tips to get your home looking summery in no time.

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