Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Environment During Self-Isolation

Strange times are upon us and the government have advised that we stay at home for the next few weeks. Could this be the perfect opportunity for a home update? Here are a few ideas for how you can improve your living space during the isolation period...


It is Spring after all! So, why not use these hours stuck indoors to have a good old-fashioned Spring clean? Get rid of that clutter under the stairs we’ve all been avoiding, shuffle through our cleaning cupboard and recycle our unused bottles, and tackle the ‘Bits & Bobs’ drawer that no longer closes. You’ll feel much better when it’s done.

Bring the Garden Indoors

If you can’t go out, why not bring the outdoors in to you? Luckily, “Spring has Sprung” and the gardens are full of daffodils, blossom and adorable springtime buds. Why not bring them inside and display them in vases and bottles to brighten up your home?

Get Creative

Keep those creative juices flowing by dusting off your old paint set and getting arty! You’ll be able to work on those skills and hopefully fill your bare walls with some original artwork when you’re done. You could even dry a few flowers and bits of foliage from the garden and display them in frames, inspired by our range of Botanical prints.

Create A Home Office

During self-isolation a lot of us will be needing to work from home. But try to avoid sitting on the sofa in your pyjamas! Instead create a beautiful home office space filled with plants, art work and good desk for an optimum work flow.

So there we have it. A few top tips on battling the boredom and updating your home during this ‘social distancing’ period. Stay safe, everyone!

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