Easy Ways To Make Your Home Brighter

Ever taken a photo of your space and no matter how many interior design rules you’ve followed, it just doesn’t look like those bright, airy apartments you see all over Instagram? Well,  the key to an instagram worthy picture is light. However, not all of us are blessed with it in the home. Sometimes, our rooms can just seem dark and dingy compared to the photos we pine over on our favourite blogs. Did you know as well that lighter spaces have endless positive impacts on our wellbeing such as aiding better moods and can even make us more productive by 18%? Therefore, it should  be a no brainer that making your space brighter is of the utmost importance. We want to share a few clever tricks you can adopt in your space which will make the most of the natural light and brighten up your home in no time. 

Light colours

There’s no doubt about it that painting a room in a light, airy colour (such as white, light blue and soft pink) can really brighten up a space. Make sure you stick to warmer tones to keep the room from seeming stark and cold.

easy ways to make your home brighter


Plants can really open up a space, creating a sense of the natural outdoors and bringing a pop of vibrant green to any indoor area. If you’re not particularly green-fingered, why not grab yourself an artificial plant like our Scottish Everlasting Palm Tree? All of the perks, but none of the responsibility!


Mirrors create the perfect light-reflecting tool in any room. Not only do they look pretty (and have a practical purpose), but they bounce light around your space. An oversized mirror, like the Jersey Fan Mirror from our Art Deco range, will have light dancing around the room in no time!

easy ways to make your home brighter

Window Treatments

The curtains or blinds you choose for your room can have a massive impact on the amount of light that enters the space. Opt for bright, airy curtains for daytime areas. And for bedrooms, opt for a soft curtain with a blackout blind underneath which will allow for maximum light during the daytime, but total darkness at night.

easy ways to make your home brighter

Hopefully, some of these top tips will help to fight that darkness and brighten up your space! After all, a light and airy space aids productivity and serenity. The future’s bright!

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