Eco-Friendly Design Ideas for the Home

Climate change and Eco-Friendly living has never been such a hot topic.  So, if Greta Thunberg has got you thinking how you can be more economical around your home, here’s a few easy ways to make your home eco-friendly without moving to an off the grid cabin in the woods!

Thermal Curtains & Chunky throws

An easy one to save the environment and save on your gas & electric bills is to avoid putting the heating on when not totally necessary.  We’re not saying sit in a freezing cold room, but by adding thermal, heat insulating curtains to large windows and doors, you can keep the cold out and droughts out without putting the heating on.  Likewise, cuddling up underneath a chunky throw on the sofa is better for the planet too, rather than putting the radiators on!

Avoid Plastic Where Possible

Plastic pieces of furniture are still being used, especially when it comes to children’s furniture and toys.  These can rarely be recycled and often end up in landfill.  Swap these plastic items for wood and natural materials like our Kidsaw Solar Joybox Bedside Table which can also stack to become a neat bookcase to stay with your family as your child grows. 

Buy to Last and Shop Pre-Loved

When updating pieces for your home, avoid buying items that will only last a year or two and instead purchase classic pieces of furniture that will last you for many years to come.  Shopping this way will help reduce waste.  Where possible, you could also scour charity shops or online auction sites for pre-loved pieces of furniture.  Give existing pieces of furniture on the planet a new home and save it from hitting landfill sites around the world.

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