Enhance Your Lighting Scheme

Abigail Ahern, renowned interior designer, once said one's lighting scheme should create 'soft pools of light around the room'. It's this statement that hits the nail on the head when as lighting can make or break a room and really affect the overall feel of your interior scheme. Quite often though, it's something that's overlooked.  In this post we want to help you see why you should pay more attention to the way you implement light at home & improve your space easily & drastically.

Introduce Lights At Different Levels

Having a good lighting scheme is all about positioning light around a space at different levels. Think ceiling lights, floor lamps, lights on shelves, wall lights, floor lamps - the list goes on! Each light has a very important part to play in a space. To perfect your lighting scheme, think about what areas of your room need a bit of lifting e.g. perhaps it's dark in one area or perhaps you need to carry out a task in a certain area which requires light. Try the kokoon moon white table lamp which allows you to position it on a table, shelf, desk etc & change the position of the direction of light.

Use Edison Bulbs

To create a soft glow, or 'pool', use light fittings that use Edison bulbs. Edison bulbs create a warm almost amber glow which is perfect for introducing mood lighting into your space. We love the Photon Wall Light which is a great example of a fixture that requires this type of bulb.

3 Lights We Love

We hope you've enjoyed this post! If you want to discover more lights  click here to view our lighting collection.

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