Home Accessories Everyone Should Have

We like to think of home accessories like your jewellery. They're the little added extra bit on top to take something from good to great - they finish it off! In the case of home accessories, they take your space from looking average to looking curated by a designer. In essence, they're a crucial part of the decorating process that shouldn't be left behind. So to make things easy for you, we've put together our list of home accessories everyone should have!

1.  Rugs

Rugs are super important when it comest to soft furnishings and home accessories. They allow you to add texture, section off spaces and inject colour without it being too overpowering. Some of our favourite rugs at the moment are our Safavieah range , like this Sardinia Multipurpose Indoor Outdoor rug perfect for adding a bit of pattern and interest.

2. Pendant Lights 

Much more exciting than a traditional spotlight or lampshade, the pendant light is hugely versatile. Shape, size, colour, style - you name it, there's thousands of options out there. We're particularly loving The Kokoon Subteno Ceiling Light that's perfect for both a single pendant or added in multiples for a statement like e.g. over a kitchen island or dining table. 

3. Mirrors 

No matter what type of home you have a mirror is a must. Great for injecting light into a space by bouncing the daylight around the room, a mirror is considered a crucial light source for all spaces. If you're tight on space, try adding wall mounted ones ideally opposite a window to reflect the light around your space. And it goes without saying - the bigger the better! We love the Only Home own brand Rustika Square framed mirror.

4. Plant Pots & Plants 

To us this one is a no brainer - plants are vitally important for injecting natural greenery into a space and aiding happiness within the home. Did you know certain plants which have air cleaning properties can remove up to 80% of toxins within 2 hours? The presence of natural is also scientifically proven to lower our blood pressure and induce relaxation, so stock up on your favourite planters & stands! Try the Grigio Plant Stand.  

So there you have it - the crucial home accessories everyone should have! If you want to browse more of our home accessories, click here.

Photos from Unsplash or Only Home.

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