How To Create A Calm Home

In our current climate it's hard not to feel stressed sometimes. The news is persistently depressing, we take our work home with us and our families can demand a lot! In light of this, it's important that our home environments are relaxing, calming & a place we can unwind in. In this post we'll be explaining how to create a calm home so you can enjoy some 'me time'.

calm home

Hiding Clutter :

We all tend to cling on to old books, keys, decorative pieces & general odd bits & bobs. But let’s be honest...this often leads to cluttered sideboards, coffee tables, and shelving units that make your room look hectic and prevents you from calming down in your own house. Now, it’s hard to get rid of old stuff - although Marie Kondo may disagree - so take a day to organise or clear out your possessions and be strict with yourself. You might find things that you haven’t missed and that don’t impress you anymore: get rid of those or think of someone who would like them. Alternatively, use storage units like our Joel 6 basket chest to create 'junk drawers' so you can clear the view of unsightly clutter.

Colour Scheme 

The colours you choose can influence your feelings when you enter a room and have a profound effect on your mood. This is why it’s important to choose your colour scheme wisely. For a calming atmosphere in a room you could opt for shade of blue which are proven to lower blood pressure or cool / pale tones which calm the mind. Green is also said to relax as it reminds us of the presence of nature. Avoid harsh colours like red if you want to create a calming atmosphere.

Art Work Choices 

Still life art work is great for calming the mind as it promotes static thoughts at opposed to kinetic energy. Additionally choose simple art works pieces like our 'Think Happy Thoughts' print that promotes uplifting & happy thoughts.  Lastly, landscapes & nature images are great for calming the mind and connecting us with nature. Think something like a forest or a beach.

Try incorporating all of the above ideas and see what sort of calm scheme you can create. If you're looking for some products to help you create a calm home try looking at our planters / vases, wall decor & storage units and use the advice above.


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