How to Create a Functional Kids’ Room

Children’s rooms are a multifunctional space for sleeping, playing, dressing and learning. With all of these jobs in mind, functionality must play a key role when designing and ‘zoning’ the different areas. So, we’ve broken it down for you and come up with a few top tips that will help your kids’ to make the most of their bedrooms.

Toy Storage

Too many toys and not enough storage is a recipe for disaster! If you don’t have the cupboard space, you could opt for baskets for a stylish storage solution that will keep the place clutter-free. You could also utilise the space under the bed with pull-out drawers if you have the option.

Play Area

No matter how big or small your kids’ room is, make sure to create a designated ‘play space’. This can be ‘zoned’ with a comfy rug or play mat. You could even add a beanbag to the area to add a bit of comfort and encourage some quiet reading. (We should be so lucky…!)

Organised Clothing

As with their toys, children’s clothing can also quickly get out of hand. Make sure to do a regular ‘clear-out’ to get rid of the things that no longer fit them. And a clever wardrobe with ample clothing storage should leave the main room clutter-free.

Night-time Environment

Your children’s room is their safe place and it’s important that they always get a good night’s sleep. Help them out by creating a cosy environment for them to get ‘forty winks’. Try to turn their bed area into a comfy haven with cushions, cuddly toys and blankets. It is also important that you have good quality blackout curtains or blinds to ensure they won’t be disturbed by the world outside. Finally, a night light with a warm glow will help those little ones who need a bit of extra comfort.

Multi-functional Furniture

Finally, we are not all blessed with huge rooms for our children and so multi-functional furniture can come in very handy! Cleverly designed pieces, such as the Kids High Sleeper Bed which combines a bed, desk, wardrobe and bookcase, combine all of the essential furniture into one unit, freeing up the rest of the room for play.

So, there you have it! A few top tips that will help turn your children’s room from chaotic to functional. They may love their new space so much that they’ll offer to tidy it every now and then? We’re not guaranteeing anything though…

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