How To Decorate With Bright Colours

People often shy away from using bright colours in their homes. They pack a punch and aren’t exactly the most relaxing colour choices as they can be quite stimulating. But if used in the right room and environment, they can be so worthwhile! In this post we’ll talk you through a few bold ways to decorate with bright colours to get you designing boldly and confidently.


How to Decorate with Bright Colours:


Adding pops of colour in your furniture and accessories is probably the easiest way to bring bright colours into your home. Bright coloured accessories work brilliantly against a white or dark backdrop, as they really makes the colours stand out. This technique also allows for a level of flexibility, as nothing is fixed so you can easily mix up your colours and move things around, without having to redecorate. It’s also particularly useful for renters who want to add more pizazz into their homes but are restricted on what they can do.


If you really want to make a statement, paint your walls a bright colour or use a bold wallpaper. When teamed with more natural finishes such as wood and concrete, the bright colour is toned down to stop it from being overwhelming.

decorate with bright colours


If you fancy using bright colours across your wall treatments, furniture and accessories, it’s best to pick a few colours and repeat them throughout the scheme. The easiest way to do this is to select a statement accessory that has multiple colours in it, such as Only Home’s Inaluxe Coda Rug. Pull out the bright colours such as the ochre, burgundy and purple, and repeat them across the room in paints, furniture and accessories, to create a really bright and colourful scheme. But be careful, if you select too many colours you run the risk of confusing the space and loosing the cohesiveness of the room.

decorate with bright colours

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This is one of the boldest options out there, and when done properly it can look amazing! Say you’re redecorating your kitchen and you select bright orange as your colour of choice. In this kitchen everything you choose to feature has to be orange – the cabinets, the wall and floor tiles, the sink and taps. It’s very daring and it’s not the sort of design you can change often, but it can create a really strong and powerful look! To dilute the brightness and create more depth, select orange items with varying hues, such as Only Home’s products featured below.

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