How To Detox Your Home

We're well and truly deep into the midst of January! Now for many that means a detox from roast potatoes and Christmas chocolates, a new routine at the gym and a new work schedule. With the new year new beginnings occur in many aspects of our lives - so why not detox your home for an uplifting re-fresh? In this post, we'll be outlining 3 simple ways to get you on your way to a home detox to brighten up the January blues.

1.  Fold the Marie Kondo way

If you're a Netflix lover, you'll know that the latest show 'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo' is a hot topic amongst many interior & home enthusiasts. Her joyful approach to cleaning out our wardrobes & drawers and somehow as an effect of this - our  lives - through means of folding has many feeling uplifted and refreshed. A tidy house = a tidy mind!

2. Change around the orientation of your furniture 

Nothing brings a fresh start, than a changing of furniture. But if that's not in budget, simple change the orientation of your furniture. This doesn't mean you have to turn the room upside down, but simple things like bringing furniture away from the walls, or changing the position of your arm chair can have an uplifting effect on your mood & home. 

3. Don't hoard unnecessary life clutter 

Whether it's clothes in a wardrobe, bathroom products, old food items or those extra throw cushions you've kept in a cupboard for years now, take the new year as an opportunity to detox your life. Free up some space and you'll be amazed at the effects on your mind and home.

So there you have it - 3 simple tips to help you give your interior a quick fix that's perfect for a fresh start as you enter the New Year!


Photos from Unsplash.

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