How To Make A Room Bright And Spacious

When we think of interiors which are light and spacious we automatically think of the Scandinavians; they are well known for having a minimal and simplistic approach to interiors, which are also very functional. The Scandinavians have pretty much inspired the world with this unique interior approach and their form of design is now regarded as the preferred style for the 21st century. But why do they pioneer the bright and spacious home? Quite possibly because they tend to style their buildings around their culture. Due to their long and dark winters, they try to maximise the light entering a building so they can make their most of the winter season. Additionally, they keep their furniture light in tone, weightless in appearance and pale coloured. In this post, we’ll be outlining some great ways you too can keep your space looking bright, spacious and airy with a nod to some inspiration from the Scandinavians.


Paint your main walls a light colour –this doesn’t mean you should necessarily flock to white. Think pastels, off-whites, cream or grey hues. Although a dark wall creates depth in a room and doesn’t necessarily make a room smaller, it won’t aid a space looking bright and airy.


Big windows are always helpful when getting natural light into your room, but not always possible so fake it where you can. Adding a large mirror into a room will help to reflect the light around the room, especially to places the light can’t usually reach, and make the space look much bigger.


In Scandinavia, light woods are used frequently, especially on larger areas like floors and the main furniture. The more organic colours found in wood tend to brighten up a room, so getting your hands on some lighter wooden pieces will help your room look more airy and spacious. Adding pops of colour over a neutral base will then add character and depth.


A final, more expensive tip is to add floating or built in furniture such as shelving or cabinets. This takes up more wall space rather than floor space and can also fit precisely into your home’s nooks and crannies, so it prevents clutter and utilises your space better. This in turn aids the room to look more spacious. Additionally, weightless or transparent furniture e.g. glass coffee tables, ghost chairs etc are great as you can see through and around them tricking the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is.


What are your top tips for creating a room that oozes a bright, fresh feel?

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