How To Perfect Your Winter Decor

From wreaths, to garlands, to mistletoe, to baubles, Christmas decorations options are a plenty! It can be quite overwhelming on where to start however when the time comes. So to perfect your winter décor, we think you should follow these 3 simple tips.

1.  Play to your properties features

When decorating for Christmas pay attention to your home’s features – do you have a new build? Do you have period features? Do you have stairs? Do you have a fireplace? Think about the bones of your homes and play to its strengths. For example, you might not have a fireplace so hanging a garland or making this area your Christmas centerpiece won’t work for you, instead try hanging garlands above doorways or focusing your decorations around a sideboard etc.

2. Pick a theme and be consistent

Whether you’re into kitsch décor, Nordic rustic influences, glitzy baubles or a formal gold and white look pick a theme that you like aesthetically – and stick to it! Use this theme across all of your decorations, from your baubles right through to your tableware and present wrapping. This will help you create a cohesive Christmas scheme for that perfect winter décor.

3. Invest in one piece every year

By investing in one special decoration each year, you can not only make a tradition out of a festive activity but also ensure your collection of Christmas décor is of the best quality that you’ve built over a lifetime. Whether it’s a festive light up decoration for the garden or a re-useable faux wreath, choose something you love that you’ll choose time & time again.

So there you have it! Three simple tips to help you perfect you winter décor.


All photos from Unsplash.

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