How To Style Summer Decor Pieces

With June in full bloom and the weather picking up, it’s the perfect time to get discussing your transition into summer decor. This doesn’t have to be anything major – we don’t expect any full renovations – but little home refreshers to take you from Autumn / Winter & into Summer mode. So grab a Pimms and read below to get you into the summer spirit.

Idea 1 : Adding a bit of yellow or orange into your space 

Yellow & orange are seen as the most uplifting & emotionally strong colours. They pick us up, boost our moods & raise energy levels so are perfect to embrace the spirit of summer. Try Dulux’s colour of the year for 2019, ‘spiced honey‘ for a great amber colour that’s not garish. Or on a smaller level, try introducing some yellow or orange accessories. Think plant pots, art work, cushions or tableware for a small injection. For a quick yellow boost, try our yellow chairs or stools. We particularly like the Xavier Pauchard Yelow Tolix Stool. 

Switch up your tableware to something more fun 

Switching up your tableware – e.g. tablecloth, crockery, plants & dining vessels – is a great way to easily introduce some summer decor into your space. Consider light wooden trays, thin glass pieces & colourful bits to inject some fun and energetic colours in your home. We think the Gold & Enamel Nesting Trays are a lovely addition to a summer table to impress those guests.

Introducing floral elements 

When we see plants & flowers it reminds us of how nature gets into full bloom. So nothing says ‘summer decor’ better than the inclusion of floral patterns, plants & botanical elements. Try adding some greenery or fresh flowers to the Nero Vase and it’ll pack a summer punch.


We hope you’ve enjoy this summer decor post, be sure to view our other blogs for more inspiration, tips & tricks.

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