How to Style Your Rugs at Home

Rugs are a really effective way to inject a bit of colour or personality to your room, whilst also being very practical.  A rug can anchor a room, define it, divide it and add sophistication so they’re definitely not to be missed out of your home decor. There are many ways to style your rugs at home but we’ll start with a couple of them:


Open plan living spaces are very popular, especially in modern apartments and new build houses.  However, without definition, these spaces can feel like a mix of furniture has been thrown in one room.  Don’t be afraid to use multiple rugs in the same space to zone the area to visually show how each space is used for its different purposes.  For example, you could use a large rug under your dining table to define your dining area and also a large rug in front of your sofa to show that they are two separate spaces.  

Don’t neglect your hallways

They say first impressions count and this definitely refers to your home too!  Your hallway is also a very high traffic area, so it makes sense to protect your flooring from a constant flow of feet.  From a design perspective, hallway runner rugs also draw your eye through the hallway and creates a feeling of space. Opt for hard-wearing fabrics like jute, or an ‘outdoor/indoor’ rug like our Safavieh Monaco Indoor/Outdoor Rug.

Step out of bed the right way

Rugs under beds are not just a super chic way to finish off a room.  They are also so nice and cosy when you first step out of bed. Go for a large rug that protrudes at least 20cm on the bottom and each side of your bed and starts about half way down.  For example, for a standard King Size bed, we would recommend a rug that is around 170 x 240cm. 

Not just for the floor!

Rugs don’t have to just live on the floor! You could get creative and use one as a wall hanging or, for a more Scandi-insprired look, you can drape a Sheepskin Rug over a chair for some instant Hygge warmth.

Add your personality to rented accommodation

Often, in rented accommodation when there are landlord limitations, it’s hard to add your own personality to a lack-luster room.  However, a large rug can instantly add a little pick me up and really inject your personality to a room. It’s also a great way to freshen up the look of tired/scuffed flooring, without breaking the bank!  Our Crystal Palace rug with it’s mono-chrome palate is a sure fire way to add an on-trend statement to any room. 

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