How to Tastefully Style Your Home for Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year again, where everyone digs out the scary costumes, indulges in far too many sweets and tries their hand at carving pumpkins. There’s no doubt about it, Halloween season can be a lot of fun! But what if your home style is ‘minimalistic chic’ and the thought of vibrant colours and plastic decor fills you with eerie dread? Here we share a few ways to decorate your home for Halloween which won’t give you the heebie jeebies…

Neutral Colours

Halloween decor doesn’t have to involve a bright orange and vibrant green colour palette. Why not try the spooky imagery we all know and love, but with a more neutral vibe? Think beige/cream pumpkins or spider-shaped bunting painted in white. Grab a can of spray paint and see what decorations you can transform to suit your colour scheme!


Lighting is a quick and clever way to create an eerie mood whilst still maintaining a tasteful ambience. Try bringing a few candles out and enjoying the flickering scene they create. Lanterns are another great prop that will bring a sense of old-fashioned spookiness to your home. You could even use them outside the house to share the spooky fun with your neighbours!


Grab some foliage from the garden and include a few autumnal colours such as orange and brown for a Halloween themed display. You could even hide a few spooky surprises in there like little plastic spiders or skeletons for extra Halloween points!


Why not dig out some old antiques to create a ‘Haunted House’ vibe? Think ornate mirrors and old candlesticks with the wax dripping down. It’s the perfect way to create a scene while still maintaining a tasteful look in your home. You could even add a few fake spider webs to really ‘up’ the creep-stakes…

We hope we have inspired you to have a little fun this Halloween and try out a few spooky ideas in your home. With a few simple ‘tricks’, your house will look a ‘treat’, without losing any style points. Happy Haunting!

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